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Importance of a paper trail on a construction job - Ross Barristers Professional Corporation

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Importance of a paper trail on a construction job

in Construction Lien by admin / April 08,2014

I have written previously about the effective use of section 40 examinations under the Construction Lien Act to reduce or eliminate liens registered on title.  The flip-side of this is for contractors and trades to keep proper written records of their work on site.

I recently settled a lien matter for an owner where there was no contract between the parties and the paper kept by the carpenter was an absolute mess.  Materials costs were lumped into receipts for other matters and there was no record of onsite labour performed.  The carpenter was forced into a settlement for nuisance value because it was clear that his records were deficient.  Poor record-keeping did the carpenter in.  When you pick up or order materials, make sure to assign a job number or reference.  Keep a notebook of daily attendances on site, including who was there, hours and a point form description of the work done that day.  Just these minor adjustments are worth thousands of dollars should a dispute arise.